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The Filofosia of Nottola wines places great emphasis on enhancing the tradition of Montepulciano, but is also embellished by a modern look. The Nottola winery was founded in 1992 by the impulse of Anterivo Giomarelli who, following a long and prestigious career as a manufacturer, at a certain point in his life found himself constantly involved in the world of wine.

The winery was built next to the enchanting and historic Villa Bracci, surrounded by farmhouses typical of the Tuscan architectural tradition and which since the 18th century housed a cellar, an oil mill, stables and a barn.

The name Nottola derives from the crossroads of Bivio di Nottola in Montepulciano, located on a hill in the heart of the village. There, in the surrounding countryside, Anterivo Giomarelli planted 20 hectares of vineyards to produce high quality wines that reflected the tradition of Montepulciano.

The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is probably among the most historic Italian wines and owes much of its success to the terroir particularly suited for the production of red wines.

Nottola wines come from spurred cordon trained vineyards located at altitudes that oscillate around 380m a.s.l. The soils are of Pliocene origin and predominantly clayey-silty and rich in skeleton.

The Mediterranean climate with higher temperatures in July and August, while in the following period the good thermal excursions also derived from the hilly altitudes favor an excellent aromatic finesse and phenolic development of the grapes.

Croara del Lago Garda, 2014
18.00 EUR
Italy / Toscana / Rosso di Montepulciano
Tuskany, 2019
17.00 EUR
Merlot, Sangiovese