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About Company

About Company


Sicilia in Bocca Wine & Food

Mission: We strive to make great taste for all and be special for you.

Vision: The best Italy here for you.

Our story: This is a romantic story when Italian real man from Sicilia meet beautiful  Latvian woman and fall in love. And they decide to live in Latvia but feel like in Italy. Like this they open Sicilia in Bocca Wine&Food.

About us:

All our products are produced and come directly from Italy. It has high quality and standards. We are new in the Baltic market but we are doing everything with love for you.

We believe that we bring Italian experience here for you. To feel, taste and enjoy Italian vibes with us.


Italian cuisine offers a wide canopy of incredibly diverse food dishes, and the best part of all these sumptuous dishes is that they are made from fresh and simple ingredients. The diverse nature of Italian cuisine and high quality is another intriguing factor that adds up to its reputation of being the “world’s most popular cuisine.” People love Italian food. This what we offer to you. All our products comes directly from Italy with high quality.


“Italian wine is the best” is not a confirmation but held by millions of people around the world. In fact, the Italians are known for the saying  “they shall drink wine with food.” Italian wines have been designed to be paired with food.  Italian wines can turn a good meal into a great meal. That’s where Italian wines show off their greatness. While many Italian wines can be drunk without food as well. Italian wines open the taste buds and accentuate the senses. This is why Italian wine is the best. The wine we have is made from high quality grapes and come from special Italians wineries from different regions.


As you may know coffee holds an integral part in Italian culture. Is not only drink, coffee is a real passion over there! Drinking an Italian espresso, even though you only need a few sips, is a special moment. Is Italian joy ritual. This moment nobody can disturb you. That’s why you are welcome to us to enjoy this Italian notes with us.